Best Sites to Sell Cosmetics Online

Best Sites to Sell Cosmetics Online

Offices and physical retail stores are handy when it comes to overseeing your business operations. However, many people will argue that this is a thing of the past especially with the advent of the internet. Today many people would instead buy or sell online since here, operational cost is significantly reduced, while high profits are realized. Also, the internet offers small retailers the ability to new customers every other day.

If your passion is in selling cosmetics online, there are many platforms that you can sell these products here. However, dedicating time and effort in selecting the best platform to sell your merchandise is critical. Here are just a few platforms where you can sell your cosmetics with ease, from the comfort of your home or office.

1.    Amazon

When thinking of selling products online, a site like Amazon became the first places to think of. Not only is the website user-friendly when it comes to selling a wide range of products, but your cosmetics will reach a wide range of potential buyers. It marketplace program is divided into two, individuals sellers and professional sellers. Individual sellers are those who sell less than 40 products a month are billed a flat rate of $0.99 per item and a referral fee starting from 6 to 45%. Professional sellers, on the other hand, sell more than 40 products each month and are charged $39.99 every month for a subscription fee, plus 6 – 45% referral fee on top. People prefer selling cosmetics here since they are sure to meet a broad spectrum of buyers.

2.    Glambot

At Glambot, you get discounted cosmetics and skin care products from the world’s leading brands. This site also allows one to sell their new or pre-owned cosmetic products if they meet certain criteria. Before you sell the products here, you need to ensure that they are at least 50% full, are not expired, not contaminated and must be clean.

3.    Instagram

Instagram works just as fine as other sites, or even better, however, one needs to work hard to reach their clients. Just like other reputable sites, you need to upload clear pictures of your cosmetics along with the right hashtags. For better result, set up a different shop page that is separate from the personal account. Delete product pictures once they sell.

4.    Etsy

With over 875000 merchants and over 12.3 million products in this site, Etsy remains one of the best places to sell cosmetics online. If your cosmetics have a home-made feel, then you are more likely to have the edge over other merchants.